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List your products or services for sale. Get business done in minutes around the world with no merchant fees and start earning more today.

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A Global Marketplace

List your products and services for free in the marketplace. Seamlessly grow your business and receive payments from customers in 200+ countries.



Create Your Online Shop

Expand your business by listing your products and services in the ALX marketplace. Add an image of each product, add descriptions, and shipping details. Within seconds, potential customers in 200+ countries will be able to view your offerings.


Get Paid in the Currency You Prefer

Widen your sales reach by accepting multiple forms of currency. ALX supports Bitcoin, Dogecoin, DigiByte as well as credit and debit card payments from anyone with PayPal or Stripe.



Client Chat

Get more deals done with the ALX Client Chat feature. Talk with buyers and sellers from around the world. Our chat functionality makes it easy to network with other business owners and grow your client base.



Find specific customers, products, services, or business owners with the ALX Search feature. Spend less time looking around on the internet and find buyers and sellers from around the world in ALX.